Thursday, March 3, 2011

Customer Appreciation Giveaway!

Customer Appreciation Giveaway! The winner will receive an adorable pettiskirt of their choice with a matching flower!


There are 3 ways to be entered in this giveaway and each one you do your name will be entered.
1- leave a review in our “Customer Reviews” section
2- Go on facebook click "Reviews" and leave a review about us with a star rating , You can click on the facebook icon on the menu bar or here is the link for our boutique-
3- Become a public follower on our website

Please do NOT mention the giveaway in your review. Anyone that leaves a review is entered in the giveaway. I will be keeping the reviews posted after the giveaway for future customers. Thank You & Good Luck!


Diana Thoman said...

I could not be more happy with the tutus that I bought my daughter. One is the "Lucky You" green with pink polka dots and the other is multicolored hot pink, purple, and white with black ribbon. My daughter is six years old and is so happy. I am so happy that they were made so quickly and they are the best quality I have ever seen - not to mention the price is incredible. I plan on ordering a pettiskirt next. Thank you Thank you Thank you !!

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